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Master Cleanse

Thank you for choosing Nirvana and welcome to the life changing world of Cleansing and Detoxification. Whatever your personal goals be, we will help you to achieve them. We guide people - young and old, healthy and sick - through our transformational programs, and we are confident that you, too, will feel amazing and experience greater health, joy, vitality and lightness of body and being.

Our team helps in offering you the support and guidance you need to cleanse your body, purify your mind and develop your spirituality.

Yoga And Detoxification

It is surprising that ancient yogis knew of these effects thousands of years ago and have practiced Yoga that help to keep optimum health. Hatha Yoga fulfils detoxification through the practices of Asanas (Yoga poses), Pranayamas (Breathing techniques), Mudras and Bandhas. While Pranayamas create the right vibration in the cells by working on energy flows, Asanas free up blocks and obstacles in the flow of this energy.

Yoga has powerful detoxification techniques of nasal irrigation (Jala Neti), enema (Basti), and the Stomach wash (Kunjal). These are some of the most effective techniques to prevent disease and ageing. In fact, yoga has techniques which help in detoxification at all levels including mental and spiritual. Techniques such as 'Kapalbhati' help in increased oxygenated blood flow to the brain and help in 'purifying' the mind.

With our fast paced lives, it is important that the wonders of the human body are fully understood. This knowledge develops a faith in the natural processes of the body and assists it naturally since the body responds better to natural therapies.

Colonic Hydrotherapy

Both colonics and enemas are effective in a detox program. Benefits are a matter of degree but they’re dramatically different, both in terms of waste removed and body improvement. Your colon is over five feet long. If you want to cleanse all of it you need a colonic irrigation.

Apart from detoxification Colonic hydrotherapy also helps with emotional problems. At Nirvana, we use the most up to date Colon Hydrotherapy equipment.

The colon cleansing water is specially formulated, filtered, alkalised and infused with ozone to enhance the detoxification process. The specially formulated water flows directly into the colon, breaking down and removing toxic materials and impacted wastes via natural defecation.

Colon cleansing has been used for thousands of years and flushing the system can result in improved assimilation of nutrients, relief from constipation, increased energy, better circulation, liver detoxification, strengthening the body and greater feeling of lightness, mental clarity and overall good health.


Enemas release old, encrusted colon waste, discharge parasites, freshen the Gastrointestinal tract and make the cleansing process easier and more thorough. Enemas accelerate any cleanse for better results. They are especially helpful during a healing crisis, after a serious illness to speed healing, or to remove drug residues.

Standard inclusions for all Basic Detox & Rejuvenation packages:

  • Accommodation (5,7 or 10 nights)
  • Full board (3 Sattvic meals per day)
  • All beverages
  • Welcome drink upon arrival
  • 1 x Wellness Consultation
  • 1 x follow up Wellness Consultation
  • 1 x Body Bio-impedance Analysis (BIA)
  • Detox Herbal Remedies and Supplements
  • Specific treatments / components as listed in the package descriptions
  • Complimentary attendance to scheduled daily holistic fitness activities

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