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What should I bring with me to Nirvana?

We suggest you bring casual and comfortable clothing. You can also include a swimming costume, sunglasses, cap, sports shoes, comfortable sandals/shoes, exercise wear, sleepwear, and sun protection. There will be a host of amenities in your room, including shampoo, body lotion, and liquid soap. You should also bring other personal toiletries such as a toothbrush and toothpaste. Please DO NOT bring valuables such as jewellery or expensive personal belongings – you see, we do not provide room lockers.

Should I pre-book wellness programmes?

It is always helpful if guests can pre-book treatments and programs. This helps with scheduling. It also guarantees that treatments will be available to you at requested times. 

What if I have special health concerns or particular goals?

You will receive a Guest Profile form and a Health Profile form upon your reservation confirmation. The Health Profile form includes questions related to your health concerns, medical history, and objectives for your stay at Nirvana, so we can best prepare for your stay. Do complete and return these forms prior to your arrival. Also, do bring along your medical reports, x-rays, clinical reports, and the like, so our doctors can assess your health and prescribe appropriate treatments and therapy.

Do you allow children at Nirvana?

The facilities and services at Nirvana are designed for adults who are seeking the time, place, and expertise to improve upon their wellbeing. As such, we do not encourage children

Can I continue the medicines I am currently taking?

Yes, you can continue the medication you are taking, unless specifically told not to by our doctors here. If possible, please bring your medicines in their original packs. If you have a medicines list, do bring that as well. Our doctors need to be informed beforehand if you are taking any medication or treatments to ensure your wellbeing and prevent side-effects.

What are the types of diseases treated here?

There is a full list of these in our Treatments section. Among them are – Migraine, Sinusitis, Bronchial-asthma, Ulcers, Hyperacidity, Abdominal Disorders, Dysentery, Colitis, Gastroenteritis, Menstrual Disorders, High Blood Pressure (Hypertension), Diabetes Mellitus, Insomnia, Anxiety Neurosis, Spondylitis-Cervical and Lumbar, Arthritis. Naturopathy can treat and cure many more diseases, and we specialise in a range of other health conditions, both physiological and psychological. Our Yoga experts add immense value to your stay by providing treatments which often deliver much better results than orthodox medicine. Our Yoga experts offer life-changing experiences through Meditation and Yogic systems, like Yognidra, Pranayam, and through counselling on lifestyle-related issues.

Do I need to prepare myself in any kind of way for the detox prior to my arrival at Nirvana?

While not absolutely necessary, you will, however, maximise your detox benefits and reduce symptoms if you follow simple detox pre-arrival suggestions. These will be, eliminating most acidic foods from your diet, including alcohol, gluten, caffeine, sugar, refined white carbohydrates, salt, fried foods, meat, dairy, and processed or packaged foods. By increasing the consumption of fresh fruits and vegetables, green tea, nuts, seeds, whole grains, legumes, and water, you will be preparing your body for an in-depth metabolic and cellular detoxification process.

Can I detox if I’m underweight?

Yes. You can cleanse if you are underweight, as long as you are not currently suffering from an eating disorder, malnutrition, or other deficiencies. The main goal of cleansing is detoxification and removal of impacted waste within the colon.

Can I do a colonic hydrotherapy session every day?

Our doctor will recommend only the most important and necessary sessions based on your medical conditions.

Will cleansing help with my skin problems?

In holistic health, we recommend treating all skin conditions by cleaning the digestive tract and liver. During your stay, you will meet with our holistic health practitioner, who can make recommendations for you to continue with, once you leave the retreat.

What if I have High Blood Pressure or High Cholesterol?

Many guests come to Nirvana with high cholesterol and hypertension. Every morning, you will have your blood pressure checked by one of our specialised consultants. Although fasting usually will drastically reduce high blood pressure, we do not recommend that you stop taking medication for this condition. Cleansing has also been known to indirectly help with issues regarding high cholesterol. The process helps in cleansing the blood and liver, thereby improving the body’s ability to digest and break down fats and lipids. We have experienced and trained staff on hand to help with any questions or concerns you may have.

Do you offer juice/water fasts?

In our results-oriented detox programs, guests do not fast. Instead, we nourish and nurture them through the detoxification process. Nirvana’s signature detox cuisine is designed to provide essential nutrition for detoxification. The aim is to increase cellular metabolism, minimise toxic intake, reduce inflammation, and improve digestive and every organ function. However, we can still offer you juice/water fasting only if our doctor recommends the same, post your health analysis.

Can I come alone, or with a group?

We have many people who are visiting on their own, and they find the relaxed, informal, and friendly environment safe and comfortable. We have a Community Table for guests who would like some company during dinner, and this is a great way to connect with other guests. However, we do recommend that you bring along your partner, spouse, or a friend and experience our Wellness treatments. Most guests are either couples or friends, with groups of 6-8 friends and families. It’s also more economical to share a room.

What sort of visitors do you receive?

Our guests come from all walks of life. They are from India and countries across the globe. We are here for the people who are looking to enhance their life experience, be it physically, spiritually, emotionally or any combination of the three.

What else can I do at Nirvana?

There is a small but interesting library of books. We can arrange for Indian classical music, dance, and cooking lessons for guests coming in groups. Sattvic cooking and expertise in the use of Ayurvedic herbs and plants can be taught. In the vicinity are the beautiful hills and mountains of the Western Ghats of India, as well as the ancient Buddhist Karla Caves complex. Also close by is the Jain Temple complex of Parshwa Pragnalay. Not very far is Lonavala, which offers an old-world hill-station charm. Trekking, walking, and camping tours can be arranged by the Nirvana travel desk. There is an Equestrian School close by with excellent horse riding and training facilities. Yogic living also involves volunteering to do your own work. We would be glad to have you work with us in our large gardens and fruit orchards. Planting organic greens can be a very satisfying experience. Most of all, Nirvana Life is about living consciously, slowing down your pace, and simply enjoying nature in tranquillity.

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